By Jenny Kleeman, Jan 20 2018 09:13PM

It's great to be able to report good news.

Since 2015, I've been following the story of Chrissy Chambers' fight for justice after she became a victim of revenge porn. This story has a happy ending - she has made legal history in the UK by publically winning damages from her ex.

I made a film about her journey to justice for Vice News Tonight on HBO, and wrote an in-depth report about it for the Guardian's Long Read section.

The film is here

...and the article is here

By Jenny Kleeman, Jul 27 2017 02:59PM

I went to Alabama to see Barbara Harris at work. Through her non-profit, Project Prevention, Barbara pays drug addicts and alcoholics $300 if they agree to be sterilised or put on long-term birth control.

I wrote about Barbara in my first ever piece for Guardian Weekend so I welcomed the chance to film her in action in my first film for HBO/Vice News Tonight.

Watch it here

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